Best Solar Batteries in Jamaica

Premier Energy Solutions offers a range of solar batteries in Jamaica. alongside lithium batteries and GSL energy batteries. Solar batteries are necessary equipment to store energy. 5K lithium-Ion battery power wall by premier energy solutions is a supreme choice for suburban solar installation and storage. It has 80% usable capacity with 51.2V/100AH standard specifications.
The stylish outlook, easy installation and suitable with common hybrid inverters makes it best lithium-Ion Batteries. Whereas, 10 Kwh Lithium Battery wall is another top rated battery by Premier Energy Solutions. The GSL’s Power Storage walls ESS acquires HESS battery system which made it advanced, fashionable, long lasting and environment friendly. It has 80% DOD capacity with 48V modules. The product comes with Internal BMS, higher reliability and no maintenance. It supplies extensive energy storage for residential and utility expenses. These Solar batteries fit all the requirements with additional benefits.

5K Lithium-Ion Battery Power Wall

5K Lithium Ion Battery is an ideal solution for residential storage applications, with standard 51.2V/100AH specification, up to 80% usable capacity and 10 years warranty. The battery is one of global best-selling Lithium-ion batteries on the market.  5.12kWh 51.2V100AH battery can be used in many homes and business, it ‘s reliable, affordable, slim and easy to install.

☆ more than 6000 cycles with 80% usable capacity.

☆ Stylish and compact design, suitable for your sweet home environment.

☆ Modular design, customers can flexibly choose capacity matching.

☆ Compatible with most hybrid inverters on the market.

☆ Easy to install, Minimize installation costs and time.

☆ With independent BMS system to manage power output smartly and effectively.

Sale Price

USD $2,483.60

Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mounted

GSL’s power storage wall ESS adopts the latest HESS battery system. With rich experience and advanced techniques, the product has the features of the fashionable design, high energy, high power density, long service life, and easiness of installation and expansion, all of which reflect the real requirements of the end users and strongest technical capability of our company.Our ESS can provide comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications. Our Li-ion battery portfolio covers cells, modules 48V, cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers, which offer customers excellent scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of requirements.

Productive Advantages

1. High integrated with less installation space.
2. Long life cycle, >6000 times at 80% DOD.
3. Without heavy metals and environment friendly.
4. Maintenance free, no memory effect.
5. Internal BMS with full protection, high voltage protection with higher reliability.
6. 10 years warranty on full set battery.
Since 2013, GSL’s power storage wall ESS products have gained much more popularity among over 5000 families spreading all over the world and related solutions have been widely deployed in residential, commercial, and grid-tied storage systems, vehicle battery, and emergency power for iCloud.

Sale Price :USD $4,117.65

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