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The Solar Panels Jamaica  is all you need to ease the burden of bills and enjoy free electricity. Premier Energy Solution supplies the best Solar panels in Jamaica, Kingston. They offer 455W Mono High Efficient Solar panel, 455W Solar Panels Monocrystalline and 540W High-Efficiency Solar Panel. These Solar panels come with Fiberglass beam, Slatted Floor and Hybrid inverters. If you want to set up a solar panel system in Jamaica, premier energy solutions is a supreme choice.

Whatsmore, Solar Panels in Jamaica for sale are available at Premier Energy Solution. The solar panel prices in Jamaica range from $196.07–$353.00 . Solar Power System installation with solar batteries, solar water heaters and Solar inverters is the best way to utilize unlimited solar energy.

455W Mono High Efficient Solar Panel



Battery Type Hybrid Inverter
Model No HT72-166M
Module Efficiency 20.7%
Dimension 2115*1052*35 mm
Weight 24.5kgs
No. of cells 144(6 x 24)
Package Carton Box
Payment terms T/T
Delivery With 15 days after deposit

455W Solar Panels Monocrystalline

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540W High-Efficiency Solar Panel

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