1.6hp Solar Pool Pumps for Sale in Jamaica

USD $1,743.42

19/1200 Solar DC Pool Pump with Inlet and Outlet Pipe Adapters (60mm and 63mm):

Essential Parameters:

Solar water pump with a capacity of 1.6HP, operating at 72V DC, providing a maximum head of 62ft and a flow rate of 92GPM. This solar-powered pool pump is durable, suitable for both home and industrial use, and designed for compatibility with saltwater.

Solar Energy Usage: It is recommended to connect the PWS solar water pump to a solar panel (not included) for high energy conversion rates, environmental friendliness, and reduced energy consumption.

Water Shortage Sensors: The PWS pump is equipped with sensors that automatically stop the pump if the header tank is full or if the water source falls below the intake level of the swimming pool pump.

MPPT Controller: The solar water pump controller efficiently drives the brushless DC pump motor, utilizing advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to ensure maximum flow under all light conditions. This controller also protects the submersible pump from frequent start-ups in low light conditions, overheating, and running dry



Best Solar Pool Pumps in Jamaica for 2024

Enhance your pool’s filtration with our 1.6hp Solar Pool Pump. Available for sale in Jamaica, it offers efficient and eco-friendly water circulation, ensuring crystal-clear pool water.



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