Enerlites In Wall Occupancy Sensor for Sale in Jamaica

JMD $35.52

The DWOS-3R PIR Motion Sensor is a high-quality decorator-style wall switch designed for residential and commercial use. This sensor intelligently controls lighting by automatically turning it on and off based on motion detection. In Occupancy Mode, lights operate automatically, while in Vacancy Mode, lights can be manually turned on via the push button and will automatically switch off when the room is vacant, following a specified time delay.

Technical Specifications:

Fits standard wall boxes, compatible with single-pole wall switches, and can be ganged with other units.
Operating voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz.
Supports 800W Incandescent/Fluorescent, 150W LED, and 1/4HP.
Suitable for both Single Pole and Three-Way configurations.
180° field-of-view covering approximately 1200 square feet, making it ideal for small offices, conference rooms, classrooms, lounges, and various commercial spaces.
Convenient pushbutton for manual ON/OFF switching at any time.
Manual-ON/auto-OFF mode for situations requiring manual ON switching but with automatic OFF for energy savings, complying with CEC Title 24 standards.
Red LED indicator flashes upon motion detection, ensuring active detection to meet T24 compliance.
Time Delay adjustment offers settings of 15 seconds (for walking test), 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes, allowing customized energy-saving adjustments.
Vacancy confirmation feature ensures that lights can be turned back ON within 30 seconds after the timeout.
Neutral wire required for installation.
Available in White and Ivory.
Comes with a Five-year Warranty and includes wallplates.
Testing & Code Compliance: CUL Listed and Title 24 compliant.
Upgrade your space with the DWOS-3R PIR Motion Sensor, a reliable and energy-efficient solution for intelligent lighting control.



Get the Best Occupancy Sensor Switch Wall in Jamaica

Upgrade your home’s lighting control with the Enerlites In-Wall Occupancy Sensor. This advanced sensor offers both occupancy and vacancy detection, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and convenience. With its innovative technology, it automatically turns lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.




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