Mars 3 Series Solar Wall Light for Sale in Jamaica



Best Mars 3 Series Solar Wall Light in Jamaica

Enhance your outdoor lighting with our Mars 3 Series Solar Wall Light, available for sale in Jamaica.

Benefits of SWL-16 Solar Wall Light:

  • LED panel rotates freely for a 360° lighting angle.
  • Adjustable solar panel angle for optimal positioning, with up to 43° tilt.
  • Customizable PIR function and lighting delay time (10 seconds to 7 minutes).
  • Three lighting modes: M1 – Summer Mode, M2 – Winter Mode, M3 – Party/Dinner Mode.
  • Temperature Control System (TCS) protects battery in temperatures from -10°C to 60°C.
  • Ultrasonic Welding and waterproof ring technology ensure double waterproof protection.
  • Sleek appearance without visible screws, thanks to Ultrasonic Welding.
  • ALS2.3 innovation maintains brightness at 100% even with battery power drops (above 30%), extending lighting time to 7 days.
  • Battery power indicator for easy monitoring.
  • Tempered glass monocrystalline silicon solar panels offer up to 21% efficiency.
  • High-quality PC case material provides corrosion resistance and versatility for installation


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