Slatted Floor 20x24inch white

USD $13.11

Plastic Slatted Floor
  • Color White
  • Dimensions 500x600mm or 19.6x 23.62 inches
  • Weight:1.9kg/pcs, bearing: 280kg
  • Double back supports, arched design with bearing capacity 300kg
  • Anti-skid surface treatment
  • Reasonable gap, no hurt to feet, easy to clean.
  • Snap joint, easy to install, provide a stable environment.
  • Small temperature difference between day and night
  • Cuttable slat, satisfy special sizes requirement



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If you are looking to modernize your farm and improve your small ruminant housing, then using slatted flooring may be an excellent choice. Slatted floors can provide a range of benefits that can help you to better manage your animals, reduce labor costs, and improve overall efficiency.

By using slatted floors in your small ruminant housing, you can improve hygiene and ventilation, which can help to reduce the risk of disease transmission and improve animal health. This can lead to better productivity, higher-quality meat or milk, and a healthier bottom line for your business.

In addition to animal health and productivity, using slatted flooring can also reduce your labor costs and improve your overall efficiency. With proper design and management, slatted floors can be easier and faster to clean than other types of flooring, which can save you time and money. Plus, slatted floors may require less bedding material, which can also reduce costs over time.

Finally, using slatted floors can help you to position your farm as a modern and forward-thinking business that prioritizes animal welfare and sustainability. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the conditions in which their food is produced, and using slatted floors can help to demonstrate that you take these concerns seriously.

In summary, using slatted floors in your small ruminant housing can provide a range of benefits that can help you to modernize your farm, improve animal health and productivity, reduce labor costs, and position your business as a leader in animal welfare and sustainability.


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