Solar Flex (Package)

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7.6 KVA hybrid inverter can take input from solar panels and convert the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) for use in household appliances or to feed back into the grid, this inverter is capable of charging and discharging batteries, allowing energy storage for later use during times when solar generation is low or during power outages. The inverter can synchronize with the utility grid, enabling the system to export excess solar energy to the grid or draw power from the grid when solar production is insufficient.

The solar energy system consisting of 455 solar panels represents a significant installation capable of generating substantial electricity. It can be used in various residential, commercial, or industrial settings to offset electricity demand and reduce reliance on traditional grid-based sources. Solar panels provide clean and renewable energy, contributing to environmental sustainability and mitigating climate change.

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Package Includes

Quantity           Names

4                      455W Solar Panels

1                      7.6 KVA Hybrid Inverter

1                      Solar Accessories Bundle

1                     Electrical Material Bundle

+  Solar Installation, Transportation, and Site Vist



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