Solar Equipment Supplier in Jamaica | Solar Equipment Distributors Jamaica, Kingston

Premier Energy Solution is the best Solar Equipment Supplier in Jamaica & Solar product provider in Jamaica, Kingston. It is one of the professional and top-rated solar equipment company. Premier Energy Solution ensures the best solar energy efficient product with its installation, testing, operations, and maintenance.

Solar Energy is the best way to enjoy unlimited electricity without worrying about bills. The solar system is an efficient source of modern living with less expenses. Solar energy is a way to develop a clean environment. It is a renewable energy with advanced mechanisms and safety precautions.

Solar Energy Efficient Products In Jamaica

Premier Energy Solutions delivers high-quality renewable energy equipment in Jamaica. The main solar products are batteries, solar panels, inverters, solar water heaters, Transformers, fiberglass beams, breakers, Slatted floors, and many other solar accessories. All the products are efficient and easy to install with an advanced monitoring system.

The best-selling solar energy-efficient products from premier energy solutions are 455W Mono High Efficient Solar Panel, 5K Lithium-Ion Battery Power Wall, 6KV Hybrid Inverter( Split Phase Inverter, 7.6KVA Hybrid Inverter, Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mounted, and Riwatt 53 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater

 For better understanding, you can also buy E-Books on Advanced renewable energy solutions and solar electric systems handbooks.  

Best Solar pieces of equipment

Following are the best Solar equipment by premier energy solutions for installation.

Best Solar Batteries In Jamaica

Premier energy solution Delivers a range of solar batteries alongside Lithium and gel energy batteries. They are easy to install and look great. 5K lithium-ion battery wall is the premium choice. The Batteries possess excellent storage with higher reliability. 

Best Solar Panels in Jamaica

Solar Panels are the solution to save money. Premier Energy Solution offers efficient solar panels, including 455W Mono High Efficient Solar Panel, 455W Solar panels Monocrystalline, and 540W High-Efficiency Solar Panel. They are set up with fiberglass beams, Slatted Floors, and Hybrid inverters.

Best Hybrid Inverters in Jamaica 

Hybrid Inverters for solar systems are necessary. Premiere Energy Solution provides two hybrid inverters: a 7.6KVA Hybrid Inverter and a 6KVA Hybrid Inverter. They are adjustable with generators and voltages. Hybrid inverters are accessible via Wi-Fi or GPRS. 

Best Solar Water Heaters In Jamaica 

Solar Water Heaters In Jamaica is all you need to enjoy warm water without any cost. Premier Energy Solution has four Solar water heaters: the Riwatt 53 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater, the Riwatt 80 Gal Evac Tube Solar water heater, the Riwatt 40 Gal Flat Plate Solar Water Heater, and the Riwatt 25 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater. They are easily affordable and save up to 40% of energy. 

Solar Equipment Distributors In Jamaica 

Premier Energy Solutions are Solar equipment distributors in Jamaica. They provide solar products and installation services. They have twenty-plus solar accessories. Renewable energy is a great source to avoid peak shaving and gives quick emergency backup. 

It is well known for being Jamaica’s best renewable energy source company with high-quality solar products. Premier energy solutions ensure you level up your homes, offices, buildings, residential, and commercial areas with modern technology.

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