Our Remarkable Solar Installation Success in Jamaica

Powering Solar Innovation in Jamaica: Our Successful Solar Installation in Jamaica

Premier Energy solution is a place for Quality and Reliability. It is a Strong advocate for solar energy, believing that it is the key to creating a cleaner environment and saving people money on their electricity bills. Premier Energy is committed to providing solutions that will enable households, businesses, and industrial entities to break away from their dependence on traditional utilities and take control of their energy costs.

Premier Energy Solution is a leading solar company in Jamaica, Kingston. It focuses on building success by providing the best services. It offers top-notch solar panels, inverters, batteries & lighting to power your home or business.


Premier Energy Solution especially focuses on the smooth and successful installation of solar systems. It has the best products and reliable services. It has recently installed a Solar system for its client Mr. Fred Kennedy in St Ann jamaica.  This customer is guaranteed 100% to pay less amount of JPS bill or none at all with 2-12K KVA hybrid inventory (with app monitoring) 4-10K Lithium Ion Battery & 48-455W solar panels.

Premier Energy Solution always prioritizes its customer’s Satisfaction. They never fail to satisfy their customers’ needs. From providing sustainable solutions to being Solar pioneers in Jamaica it has come a long way. It has around 384 Active clients, 584 Conversions of Energy, and 687 successive prizes in 2 years. It is always reviewed positively by its clients few of the feedbacks are.

1. Tony Thompson

I met with four companies, and Premier Energy Solutions was by far the best. They were professional and punctual for the initial sales pitch. If they didn’t have immediate answers to my questions, they got back to me quickly, which was great. The entire process, from start to seeing results on my electric bill, took about two months, so be patient. The installation and setup went smoothly. They promptly addressed any issues or questions I had. I highly recommend this company for solar panels and wall-mounted battery storage.

2. Natalie Francis

I typically do not leave reviews, but I was compelled to this time because I am very happy I went with Premier Energy Solutions. They were very easy to work with, and their follow-up service has been nothing short of amazing. Extremely professional, personable, and helpful. Such a pleasure to work with.

3. Rayan Butler

We had an amazing experience with Premier Energy Solutions. They were quick and prompt with the installation of the solar panels. They are a very professional and flexible company. We love the solar panel system they installed for us. I highly recommend them for your solar panel project! I wouldn’t choose any other solar panel company. Our sales representative impressed us from the start, and we will recommend them to anyone looking for a solar panel system. Our solar panel system also has a very clean and modern look.


In Jamaica, Premier Energy Solution provides top-notch renewable energy equipment. Batteries, solar panels, inverters, solar water heaters, transformers, fiberglass beams, breakers, slatted floors, and several more solar accessories are the primary solar product offerings. Every product has an advanced monitoring system and is effective and simple to install.

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