Solar Energy in Jamaica 

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Jamaica has immense renewable energy potential, but imported fossil fuels like coal, oil, and petroleum products primarily fulfill its energy needs. These imports negatively influence the country’s foreign exchange reserves, gross domestic product (GDP), and electricity costs. Therefore, the Jamaican Government has implemented the National Energy Policy (NEP) 2009-2030 , which aims to diversify the island’s energy needs through renewable energy generation. The renewable energy share in the total energy mix of Jamaica is just above 10%, despite immense solar energy potential. In NEP 2009-2030, the Government aims to increase renewable energy by more than 20% by giving various incentives and tax rebates to domestic and business consumers investing in renewable energy systems. The Government has also announced the exemption of custom duties and tax charges on the residential solar energy systems Tax incentives – Jamaica. The petroleum corporation of Jamaica Petrojam Limited , states that solar energy as an alternative to petroleum-generated electricity will help ensure energy security while raising the country’s energy efficiency. Long-term loans up to JMD 1.2 million are also available for residential solar and solar-thermal projects  PV Loan Policy.


Power generated per square meter (W/m2) defines the solar panel capacity. The maximum solar irradiation falling on a solar panel is around 1000W/m2, which lasts only a few hours a day. Solar energy is utilized during full sunshine hours. Usually, 4-6 hours per day is a good number for solar harvesting, and it is also true for most parts of Jamaica Solar Hours in Jamaica. The Jamaican southern coastal areas have tremendous solar energy potential. The solar irradiation map shows that the southern coastal areas, including Kingston, Spanish Town, Black River, and Savanna-la-Mar, are ideal for utility-scale PV plants Jamaica PV Potential. Even the Jamaican cloudy and highland places like Port Antonio are blessed with 1460 kWh per annum from just a 1kW solar array. However, abundant sunshine in any part of Jamaica ensures the feasibility of solar energy installation for residential and commercial sectors. A typical household consumes 10,000 kWh per annum of electricity. Dividing the annual consumption by the average solar energy potential of 1460 kWh per annum gives the power rating of the PV array needed to generate electricity for a house (10000/1460 = 7 kW). The 7kW solar array can easily fit on a house rooftop.

Technological advancements in solar energy continuously reduce costs while increasing reliability with the noise-free operation. Unlike other renewable systems, the solar energy system benefits houses, businesses, corporations, and even industrial customers equally. However, basic technical details like solar module types, battery, and inverter sizing are perplexing for many people, which delays their decision to go solar and thus prevents substantial monetary gains.

Solar Energy Harvesting

The basic building block of PV technology is a PV cell that generates low DC voltages when exposed to light. Then, many PV cells are combined to make a PV panel, and panels are combined to form PV strings with higher DC voltages. Finally, the output voltage of the string is converted into usable electricity via power electronic devices like charge controllers, converters (DC-DC), or inverters (DC-AC).



The figure shows a modern home equipped with a solar PV system. In this example, the solar string’s DC power is converted to power up the user equipment and sold to the grid.

Types of photovoltaic (PV) systems

There are many types and configurations of PV systems. The three principal classifications are:

  1. Standalone PV
  2. Grid-connected (GC) PV
  3. Hybrid PV

The specific type is selected based on the application. For example, for a remote village or island standalone PV system is a suitable topology. Similarly, for a busy metropolitan, rooftop grid-connected PV installation will help cut electricity bills. Photovoltaic power systems are generally differentiated based on their operation and connection to other sources like batteries or utility grids.

 Standalone PV systems

The simplest PV systems involve connecting the Solar panels or arrays directly to the DC load (such as DC lights, fans, motor pumps, or batteries). A typical standalone PV system uses solar energy to power a load (DC or AC) and store the excess solar energy in battery storage. The battery storage can be utilized later during low irradiation or night. This PV system is flexible enough to power both DC loads and AC loads.

  Grid-connected PV systems

In grid-connected (GC) mode, the DC power is converted to AC power and integrated into the national power grid. In GC mode, a residential or business customer can generate electricity and sell it back to the utility grid. When the consumers sell electricity back to the grid, it is called net metering. Net metering offsets the cost of electrical energy used by the homeowner or business.

Hybrid PV systems

Hybrid PV combines solar panels with other energy sources to generate electricity. The other sources may be a chemical, fuel cell, wind generator, or petroleum-based generation. During rainy or cloudy days, the intelligent hybrid system utilizes alternate energy sources instead of solar panels to fulfill the electricity for the load. Generally, PV is combined with chemical batteries to form a hybrid standalone or off-grid power generation unit.

 Components of PV system

The following Figure shows the essential components of the solar energy system. Solar panels are generally 20 to 23% efficient. A typical solar panel produces around 250W- 500W when fully illuminated in sun rays. Many solar panels are combined to attain the required power rating for a particular load. Solar arrays generate unregulated DC voltage in the presence of solar irradiations. The DC load can be powered from unregulated DC, but the natural variation in solar irradiation provides variable DC power. Therefore, a charge controller device is attached to the solar array to regulate the DC voltage. The charge controller intelligently operates the PV arrays at the optimal power point, also known as maximum power point tracking (MPPT). Additionally, the charge controller protects the battery from over and undercharging. The AC inverter converts the DC voltage from the battery or charge controller into usable AC (120V/240V, 50/60Hz).

The efficiency and quality of solar arrays, charge controllers, and inverters are an integral part of a successful PV system. Premier Energy Solution Jamaica provides state-of-the-art mono-crystalline solar panels, inverters another solar accessory at a very competitive price. In addition, Premier Energy  is just a call away for all your queries and support in cost estimating and installing the PV system for your home or business.

PV system sizing for a typical household

Step1: Estimating the solar powered load

We can easily estimate the daily electricity consumption of a typical house either by listing the power rating of all the electric appliances or downloading the annual electric bill, which gives an average daily load as provided in the following equation:


Make a load table of DC-powered load and AC-powered load. The DC-powered load can directly connect to the DC bus or the battery.

S/No. Load Type (AC/DC) Quantity Power(W) Usage Time (hr) Consumption  (Whr/day)
01 Lights (DC) 05 15 02 15x5x2=150
02 Fridge (DC) 01 100 24 1x100x24=2400
03 TV (AC) 01 100 03 1x100x03=300
04 Oven(AC) 01 1000 01 1x1000x1=1000

Total DC consumption = 150+2400= 2550 Whr/day ………………………………..(1)

Total AC consumption = 300+1000= 1300 Whr/day…………………….…………..(2)

The DC to AC conversion results in minor losses. The solar array size should also compensate for these losses. Inverter losses are easily calculated from the inverter’s efficiency given in the datasheet. Considering the AC inverters as 90% or more efficient, the AC consumption can be obtained from the following equation

Total AC consumption = (1300 / 0.9)=1445 Whr/day …………………..………..(3)

Total power consumption = DC consumption …………………………..………..(4)

Total power consumption = 2550+1445 ≈ 4000 Whr/day ………………………..(5)

Step 2:  Solar array sizing

Assuming the total sun hours in a day= 06 hours/day

Required Solar power= Total Consumption/ Sun Hours

Required Solar power = 4000/ 6 =666.6W ……………………………………..(6)

The required solar power should be overestimated by 30-40% for better performance, so we scale Equation (6) by 35%.

Required Solar power = 666.6W x 1.35 =900W ……………………….……..(7)

Therefore, the number of solar panels connected in the string must be equal to or more than Equation (7). We can use the solar panel starting at 100W to 300W. It is better to use higher power rating solar panels. For 900W output, we can use three 300W solar panels connected in parallel. We can find the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current from the solar panel datasheet.

Open circuit voltage of single solar panel =17.2V………..………………..(8)

Short circuit current of single solar panel =19A……………………….…..(9)

Since we combined the three panels in series, the short circuit current needs to be multiplied by three as well.

Total Short circuit current of solar string =19A x 3 = 57 A……………..(10)

Step 3:  Charge Controller sizing

The charge controllers operate the PV array at MPPT and they are designed to handle 25% more current than the total short circuit current. Therefore,

Total charge controller current = Equation (10) x 1.25  = 57 x 1.25 A = 71.25 A……..(11)

So, we can choose any available off-the-shelf charge controller above 71.25A.

Step 4:  AC Inverter sizing

AC inverters experiences the surge current when the inductive appliance like fan/motors are switched on. Therefore, the inverters are scaled-up to prevent undue stress on the electronic switches. Since the expected maximum load is 4000W

Total inverter power = Equation (5) x 1.1  =4000 x 1.1 W = 4400 W…………..(12)

Any inverter above 4.4kW can be selected e.g. 5000W. Moreover, a modified sine wave inverter can save some cost instead of a pure sine wave inverter.

 Step 5:  Battery sizing

The maximum discharge capacity govern the battery size. It is recommended not to discharge the battery more than 70% of its full capacity. However, the battery size can be increased according to the required backup days.

For two days of power backup, the battery capacity is expressed as:

For a 4kW load with 48 hours backup time and 12V , the battery capacity can be related as:

The above calculation shows that a 1000AH battery bank at 12V can provide a backup for two days to a 4 kW facility even without sun.

In conclusion, solar energy is the future, and Jamaicans must embrace it if they want to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their country. With cost savings, reliable energy, and a boost to the economy, the benefits of switching to solar energy are numerous and undeniable. So why not make the switch today?


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Opting for professional solar panel cleaning services offers numerous benefits:

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In Jamaica, Premier Energy Solution provides top-notch renewable energy equipment. Batteries, solar panels, inverters, solar water heaters, transformers, fiberglass beams, breakers, slatted floors, and several more solar accessories are the primary solar product offerings. Every product has an advanced monitoring system and is effective and simple to install.

The rapid use of nonrenewable energy is giving rise to the danger of global warming. Therefore, global warming is becoming a posing threat to humanity as it is showing its severe consequences. So, shifting to renewable energy is one of the solutions to reduce the impacts of global warming. In recent times, the world is slowly shifting to renewable energy resources. Thus, solar companies strive to make our planet safe for future generations. Solar companies in Jamaica, a small island country in South America, are producing the best solar panels in the world. If you are looking for credible solar companies in Jamaica, don’t go any further. This blog lists the Top 10 solar system companies in Jamaica in 2024. The blog will be a guide for you to select the top solar power companies in Jamaica.

List of Top 10 Solar System Companies in Jamaica in 2024 | Solar Panel Installers

These are the top-rated Solar System & solar panel installers companies in Jamaica in 2024 for Hire Solar Panels Installation  in Jamaica for 2024

1. Premier Energy Solution
2. solarspecialistja
3. conserve it limited
4. Alternative Energy Plus
5. Apsja
6. Total Solar Energy Ltd
7. Konnexx Services Limited
8. PS-Jamaica
9. sunworthsolar
10. solarbuzzjamaica

1. Premier Energy Solution

Premier Energy Solution is a top-notch solar system company in Jamaica. It is a prominent Solar Energy Company in Jamaica that provides environment-friendly technology to the country. The company has been giving its services for many years to promote renewable energy resources. The eco-friendly technology company offers a wide range of solar products that are safe, clean, and user-friendly. Its main objective is to provide a sustainable technology which also reduces electricity bills. It provides Solar Panels, Solar inverters, solar batteries, solar LED lighting, solar Lighting, and whatnot. Its Solar Panels cost is affordable for everyone. The company is not only known for its environment-friendly technology but also for its customer-friendly products. If you are looking for the best Renewable Energy Equipment in Jamaica, choosing Premier Energy Solution would be a wise choice. It is situated in Kingston the capital of Jamaica.

2. Solar Buzz Jamaica

Solar Buzz Jamaica is one of the best solar system companies in Jamaica. The company promises solar panel installation and maintenance. It also offers solar products and services, such as solar water heaters and solar inverters. Therefore, choosing Solar Buzz Jamaica would be a great choice.

3. JMI Solar

JMI Solar is another company that provides eco-friendly technology in Jamaica. The company offers a variety of solar products and services, such as solar panels, solar water heaters, and solar inverters. It is also known for the best installation and maintenance services. Apart from that, JMI Solar is a member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

4. Alternex Energy

Alternex Energy is one of the popular solar energy companies in Jamaica. Like other companies, it specializes in solar panel installation and maintenance. Despite solar products, it also offers a variety of other solar products and services, such as solar water heaters and solar inverters. Alternex Energy is a certified member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

5. Earthglobe Energy Company Limited

Earthglobe Energy Company Limited is another big name among the best solar energy companies in Jamaica. The company promises different solar products and services, such as solar panels, solar water heaters, and solar inverters. When it comes to installation and maintenance, the company also provides such services. Like other companies, Earthglobe Energy Company Limited is also a member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

6. Solar King

Solar King is one of the top solar power companies in Jamaica. It is a famous name in Jamaica when it comes to eco-friendly technology. The company provides an array of solar products and services, including solar panels, solar water heaters, and solar inverters. Like other companies, it also offers installation and maintenance services. Solar King is a member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

7. Caribbean Energy Solutions

Caribbean Energy Solutions is one of the top solar panel companies in Jamaica. It is known for the design and installation of solar power systems for commercial and industrial customers. It also promises different other solar products and services. Caribbean Energy Solutions is a member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

8. Solar Electric Systems

Solar Electric Systems is among the best solar system companies in Jamaica. The company provides diverse solar products and services such as solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters. Like other solar companies, it also delivers installation and maintenance services. Solar Electric Systems is one of the members of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is also accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

9. New Leaf Power

New Leaf Power is a famous solar energy company in Jamaica. It provides solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters. The company also offers installation and maintenance services. New Leaf Power is a prominent member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).

10. Green Lantern Energy

Green Lantern Energy is one of the well-known solar system companies in Jamaica. The company specializes in the design and installation of solar power systems. The company promises an array of other solar products and services. It is known for its best solar maintenance and solar monitoring. Green Lantern Energy is a member of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association (JSEA) and is accredited by the National Standards Council of Jamaica (NSCJ).


Solar system companies are playing an instrumental role in adapting renewable energy resources. Therefore, the above-discussed list is a guide to finding the top-notch solar system companies in Jamaica.

Harnessing Jamaica’s Sunshine: How Premier Energy Solutions Can Empower Your Home with Solar Power

As an island nation blessed with abundant sunshine, Jamaica holds immense potential for solar
energy. Premier Energy Solutions, a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) in Jamaica, is
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What is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) and How Does it Benefit You?

An ESCO is a company that specializes in improving a customer’s energy efficiency and
reducing their overall energy consumption. ESCOs achieve this by offering a variety of
services, including:

Energy Audits: We conduct a thorough assessment of your property’s energy usage to identify
areas for improvement. This helps us design a solar system that perfectly meets your needs.
Solar System Design & Installation: Our qualified professionals will design a customized solar
system tailored to your energy consumption and budget. We handle the entire installation
process efficiently and professionally.
Financing Options: We understand that the upfront cost of solar panels can be a concern.
Premier Energy Solutions offers various financing options to make solar power accessible to
Performance Monitoring & Maintenance: We don’t just install your system and walk away. We
provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure your solar system operates at peak
performance for years to come.

The Benefits of Choosing Premier Energy Solutions, Your Jamaican ESCO Partner

By partnering with Premier Energy Solutions, you gain access to a multitude of benefits:

Reduced Electricity Bills: Solar power is a significant investment that pays off in the long run.
You’ll generate clean electricity for your home, significantly reducing your dependence on the
grid and slashing your monthly electricity bills.
Increased Property Value: Homes equipped with solar panels are increasingly attractive to
potential buyers. A solar system can add significant value to your property.
Environmental Sustainability: Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource. By switching to
solar, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment for
Government Incentives: The Jamaican government offers various incentives to encourage
solar power adoption. These incentives can help offset the initial cost of your solar system.
Reliable Power Source: Solar panels provide a reliable and consistent source of energy,
reducing your reliance on the national grid, which can experience outages.
Long-Term Investment: High-quality solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years or more. With
proper maintenance, your solar system will provide clean energy for decades to come.

Premier Energy Solutions: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Solar Needs

At Premier Energy Solutions, we offer a complete range of solar products and services to meet
your specific requirements. Here’s a glimpse into what we provide:

High-Efficiency Solar Panels:

We offer top-tier solar panels known for their exceptional
efficiency in converting sunlight into usable electricity. Enjoy significant savings and contribute to
a greener future.

Solar Inverters:

At the heart of your solar system, inverters convert the direct current (DC)
generated by your panels into usable alternating current (AC) for your home. We provide a
range of reliable inverters to ensure optimal system performance.

Solar Batteries:

For ultimate energy independence, consider adding solar batteries to your
system. Our top-of-the-line lithium batteries allow you to store excess solar energy generated
during the day and use it at night or during power outages.

Hybrid Solar Inverters:

Combining the functionality of a solar inverter and a battery charger,
hybrid inverters offer a flexible solution for maximizing your solar energy use.

Solar LED Lighting:

Make the switch to sustainable and energy-saving LED lighting throughout
your home. Premier Energy Solutions offers a variety of LED lighting solutions to complement
your solar power system.

Ready to Make the Switch to Solar Power?

Contact Premier Energy Solutions today! We’ll conduct a free consultation to assess your
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Jamaican Solar batteries are a great way to save money on your electricity bill, reduce your reliance on the grid, and increase your energy independence.

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Here are the 3 top Solar Batteries in Jamaica, Kingston

Following are the 3 top solar batteries in Kingston, Jamaica in 2023
1. 5K Lithium-Ion Battery Power Wall
2. Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mounted
3. 10.24K Lithium-Ion Power Battery Wall

1. 5K Lithium-Ion Battery Power Wall

5K lithium-ion battery power wall Jamaican is the great choice for suburban solar installation and storage by Premier Energy Solution. It can store 80% of the energy it generates and has a standard voltage of 51.2V and a capacity of 100AH.

2. Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mounted

A Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mounted in Jamaica Kingston is a large, safe, and durable battery that can be mounted on the wall of your home or business to store solar energy. It can power a typical household for about 24 hours.

3. 10.24K Lithium-Ion Power Battery Wall

10.24K Lithium-Ion Power is a Wall-mounted battery that is a great way to store solar energy. You can use the energy that your solar panels generate during the day to power your home at night or when the sun is not shining.

If you are looking for a way to save money on your electricity bill and reduce your reliance on the grid, a 10.24K Lithium-Ion Power Battery Wall in Jamaica Kingston is a great option. These are the 3 top Solar Batteries in Jamaica in 2023


Top Renewable Energy Company Jamaica

Premier Energy Solution is the best Renewable Energy Company in Jamaica. It has various renewable resources to produce residential renewable Energy with a motive to provide a clean environment. It is well known for its Solar Panels and Solar Batteries. Premier Energy Solutions works professionally with expert technical staff.

Sources Of Energy 

Energy is a necessity in the current world. Most of our goods and accessories need a source of Energy to work, whereas dealing with high bills is a struggle. Therefore, the solar system is the best solution to save money and enjoy unlimited electricity. 

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is a form of natural Energy produced by different resources. The primary source of Energy is solar Energy. Renewable Energy is a source to level up your living style with advanced technologies. It provides an extensive range of solar products to install and enjoy modern smart homes without paying a bundle of bills. 

Advantages of Renewable Energy 

Renewable Energy comes with various benefits, such as zero global warming. It leads the way to a clean and healthy environment to keep humans safe and healthy. In addition, Renewable Energy saves a lot of raw materials to make electricity. It costs less and gives multiple economic benefits.

Disadvantages Of Renewable Energy 

No doubt, Renewable Energy provides many benefits, but it does have some cons, such as inefficiency, high upfront cost, and unreliability, as it is not available around the clock. In comparison, tech giants are working to generate advanced mechanisms to overcome these issues. 

Renewable Energy Resource 

Renewable Energy is unlimited as it is produced in the natural environment. The four primary renewable energy resources include solar Energy, geothermal Energy, Earth heat energy, Biomass plant Energy, and Wind Energy. The best thing about renewable Energy is the clean environment. It helps to bring innovation to the world through solar products which don’t harm the atmosphere. 

Solar Residential Renewable Energy 

Premier Energy Solution offers a range of solar panelSolar batteries, solar water heaters, and many other solar accessories for residential areas to run their homes, markets, Industries, and factories with renewable Energy. 

Solar System Cost In Jamaica 

Jamaica holds a leading solar system firm, Premier Energy Solution, that offers complete Solar System Installation at a fair price. Their staff analyzes the site and processes the project with proper planning. All the equipment is designed with a modern touch to make your place look classy. 

Top Best Solar Equipment In Jamaica 

Solar System Installation helps you to save tons of cash with Premier Energy Solution. It has the best quality solar equipment, like solar panels in Jamaica, Solar Batteries, Inverters, Solar water heaters, and transformers.

Renewable Energy Potential In Jamaica 

Jamaica consumes 89% of fossil fuels and other energy production resources to generate electricity. In addition, imports of these resources are causing a deficit in its economy. However, It has focused on balancing the economy through producing renewable energy sources. Jamaica’s various institutions and government holdings are now running on renewable energy sources

Renewable Energy Progress In Jamaica

Jamaica is a land full of islands with super sunlight and strong winds, which is the best solar energy source. Lately, Jamaica has utilized these sources to produce renewable energy and 50% of government tasks are executed by renewable resources by the year 2023. The advancement in Jamaica through renewable energy sources is a leading way towards a sustainable economy. 

Top Solar System Company In Jamaica 

Premier Energy Solution is one the Best Solar System Company in Jamaica, Kingston. It leads the way towards a clean environment with renewable energy. Premier Energy Solution is the best option as it is highly incredible with advanced site assessment and analysis mechanisms. It sets down great effort in design and engineering, recruitment and logistics, installation commission, testing operations, and maintenance.

The solar system counts as modern living. Smart homes with less-expenses are possible with solar energy. It is a renewable resource to maintain unlimited electricity without any cost. Premier Energy Solutions offers you an arrangement of solar energy items, including solar panels, solar water heaters, solar generators, Lithium batteries, and more.

To sustain peak shaving, it works to supply top-notch commercial equipment. The security of Premier Energy Solution Limited’s clients is never jeopardized, and the company’s products come with high-quality warranties and a mentorship warranty. Through its transportable solar panels that harness solar energy, it offers everything you need to save up and gain control over bills.

Solar System Installation Jamaica

If you want the best solar system installation in Jamaica, Premier Energy Solution serves you right. Premier Energy Solution is a reputable solar installation company in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It has a qualified and experienced staff that upholds correct processes while analyzing the viability of projects with pertinent laws that guarantee security and thorough upkeep. Over twenty-four solar accessories, including eighteen solar powers, are available from Premium Energy Solution. It has also released four solar ebooks. Premier Energy Solution makes The Solar system function effectively and without hiccups. 

Solar System Energy Efficient Products In Jamaica 

In Jamaica, Premier Energy Solutions supplies outstanding renewable energy equipment. The main solar items include batteries, solar panels, inverters, solar water heaters, Transformers, fiberglass beams, breakers, slatted floors, and several more solar accessories. The products include cutting-edge monitoring systems and are practical and straightforward to install.

Solar System Batteries In Jamaica

Premier Energy Solution delivers a variety of gel and lithium energy batteries. In addition to solar batteries, they look fantastic and are simple to install. The best option is a wall powered by a 5K lithium-ion battery. The Batteries have more excellent reliability and better storage. 

The Solar System Water Heaters In Jamaica 

Everything that’s needed for relaxing with hot water is a solar water heater in Jamaica. The Riwatt 53 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater, the Riwatt 80 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater, the Riwatt 40 Gal Flat Plate Solar Water Heater, and the Riwatt 25 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater are the four solar water heaters offered by Premier Energy Solution. They can save up to 40% of energy and are very inexpensive. 

The Solar Panels System Cost Jamaica

Premier Energy Solutions offers you the best solar panels against local solar energy prices in Jamaica. 

The list of solar panels includes the 450W high-efficiency solar panel, the 455W monocrystalline solar panel, and the 455W mono high-efficiency solar panel. In Ocho Rios, Premier Energy Solution solar panels vary from $196.07 to $353.00. The GSL Energy Hybrid inverter batteries for the solar panels have a 20.7% module efficiency.

Hybrid Inverters in Jamaica 

For solar power installations, hybrid inverters are required. Two hybrid inverters are available from Premiere Energy Solution: a 7.6KVA and a 6KVA hybrid inverter. With generators and voltages, they can be adjusted. GPRS or Wi-Fi can be used to access hybrid inverters. 

The Solar System Cost Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The price of a solar system in Ocho Rios fluctuates according to supply and demand and the equipment’s quality level. However, Premier Energy Solution offers the best solar system in Jamaica. From setup to instruction, it effectively fulfills any requirements.

The prices of the leading solar products are mentioned below. 

  • The price range for Batteries is $2483.60-$4117.65.
  • A solar panel can cost between $196.07 and $353.
  • Inverters cost between $1830.00 and $3595.00.
  • Costing $830.06, the solar water heaters.

Residential Solar Services In Jamaica

In Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Premier Energy Solution provides service. In both residential and business settings, it offers solar system installation services. A fantastic source of renewable energy is the solar system. It works well in residences, workplaces, structures, and corporations. 


Premier Energy Solution is the best Solar Equipment Supplier in Jamaica & Solar product provider in Jamaica, Kingston. It is one of the professional and top-rated solar equipment company. Premier Energy Solution ensures the best solar energy efficient product with its installation, testing, operations, and maintenance.

Solar Energy is the best way to enjoy unlimited electricity without worrying about bills. The solar system is an efficient source of modern living with less expenses. Solar energy is a way to develop a clean environment. It is a renewable energy with advanced mechanisms and safety precautions.

Solar Energy Efficient Products In Jamaica

Premier Energy Solutions delivers high-quality renewable energy equipment in Jamaica. The main solar products are batteries, solar panels, inverters, solar water heaters, Transformers, fiberglass beams, breakers, Slatted floors, and many other solar accessories. All the products are efficient and easy to install with an advanced monitoring system.

The best-selling solar energy-efficient products from premier energy solutions are 455W Mono High Efficient Solar Panel, 5K Lithium-Ion Battery Power Wall, 6KV Hybrid Inverter( Split Phase Inverter, 7.6KVA Hybrid Inverter, Lifepo4 10Kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mounted, and Riwatt 53 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater

 For better understanding, you can also buy E-Books on Advanced renewable energy solutions and solar electric systems handbooks.  

Best Solar pieces of equipment

Following are the best Solar equipment by premier energy solutions for installation.

Best Solar Batteries In Jamaica

Premier energy solution Delivers a range of solar batteries alongside Lithium and gel energy batteries. They are easy to install and look great. 5K lithium-ion battery wall is the premium choice. The Batteries possess excellent storage with higher reliability. 

Best Solar Panels in Jamaica

Solar Panels are the solution to save money. Premier Energy Solution offers efficient solar panels, including 455W Mono High Efficient Solar Panel, 455W Solar panels Monocrystalline, and 540W High-Efficiency Solar Panel. They are set up with fiberglass beams, Slatted Floors, and Hybrid inverters.

Best Hybrid Inverters in Jamaica 

Hybrid Inverters for solar systems are necessary. Premiere Energy Solution provides two hybrid inverters: a 7.6KVA Hybrid Inverter and a 6KVA Hybrid Inverter. They are adjustable with generators and voltages. Hybrid inverters are accessible via Wi-Fi or GPRS. 

Best Solar Water Heaters In Jamaica 

Solar Water Heaters In Jamaica is all you need to enjoy warm water without any cost. Premier Energy Solution has four Solar water heaters: the Riwatt 53 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater, the Riwatt 80 Gal Evac Tube Solar water heater, the Riwatt 40 Gal Flat Plate Solar Water Heater, and the Riwatt 25 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater. They are easily affordable and save up to 40% of energy. 

Solar Equipment Distributors In Jamaica 

Premier Energy Solutions are Solar equipment distributors in Jamaica. They provide solar products and installation services. They have twenty-plus solar accessories. Renewable energy is a great source to avoid peak shaving and gives quick emergency backup. 

It is well known for being Jamaica’s best renewable energy source company with high-quality solar products. Premier energy solutions ensure you level up your homes, offices, buildings, residential, and commercial areas with modern technology.

Solar Company In Ocho Rios Jamaica

The Solar System is a necessity now. It is a way to live an efficient and easy life. Premier energy solution Limited is the best solar company in ocho rios, Jamaica. It offers an arrangement of solar equipment and installation to make your place reliable. Solar energy is a way to clean our environment and save money on electric bills. 

It is renewable energy to develop a clean atmosphere with fewer expenses. In contrast, a premium energy solution is a perfect choice as it works with highly advanced mechanisms, including site assessment and analysis, design and engineering, procurement and logistics, installation, commissioning and testing, operation and maintenance. Premier Energy solution ltd ensures the system works smoothly and proficiently.

Solar Installation Company In Ocho Rios jamaica

Premier Energy Solution is a reliable solar installation company in ocho rios, Jamaica. It has a professional and expert team that sticks up to proper workflow determining the sustainability of projects with relevant regulations that ensures safety and comprehensive maintenance. Premium energy solution has over twenty-four solar accessories, including eighteen solar powers. It has launched four solar ebooks too. 

Premier Solar Energy Solar Equipments In Jamaica 

 Premier Energy solution offers solar equipment for installation to make your life easier with unlimited renewable energy. The list of products includes batteries, the best solar panels, inverters, solar water heaters and more. It is the best Solar energy equipment supplier in Ocho Rios. 

The new arrivals on premier energy solutions contain 12KW Pure Off-grid split phase inverter, 5000W Transformer, AC lightning Arrestor, Automatic Drinking Bowl Hose, Automatic Waterer Bowl, Chaff Cutter 15HP Gas Engine, Chaff Cutter Gasoline Model, DC Circuit Breaker 2P, Fiberglass beam, Double Pole 1000V DC Breaker, Slatted Floor, Front Base Solar Accessories and more. All the products range from $1.00-$ 3000.

Solar Panels In Ocho Rios

Premier Energy Solution delivers the best solar panels in Jamaica. The solar panels list includes 455W Mono High Efficient Solar Panel, 455W Solar Panel Monocrystalline and 450W high-efficiency solar panel. The Premier Energy Solution Solar Panels Price in Ocho Rios ranges from $ 196.07-$353.00. The solar panels have GSL Energy Hybrid invertersbatteries with 20.7% module efficiency

Solar System Cost Ocho Rios

Solar System Cost in Ocho Rios varies depending on the demand and quality of products, but Premier Energy Solution delivers the best solar system in Jamaica. From installation to guidance, it meets all requirements effectively.

The major Solar product costs are listed below. 

The Batteries range from $2483.60-$4117.65

The Solar Panel range from $196.07-$353.00

The Inverters range from $1830.00-$3595.00

The Solar Water Heaters cost $830.06

Solar Energy Equipment Supplier Ocho Rios

Premier Energy Solution is one of  the best Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers in  Ocho Rios, Jamaica. They offer Technical Services, energy panels, solar storage energy and more. The best-selling products include a 6 KV hybrid inverter, 5K Lithium-Ion Battery Power wall, Riwatt 53 Gal Evac Tube Solar Water Heater and more. If you want to set up a solar system in Jamaica, premier energy solutions are the right choice.  

Residential Solar Services Ocho Rios Jamaica

Premier Energy Solution serves in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It offers solar system installation services in residential and commercial areas. The Solar System is a great source of renewable energy. It is great for homes, offices, residential, commercial and industrial  areas.

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