High-Quality 5k Lithium Ion Battery for Sale in Jamaica

JMD $11,104.57

This package includes a 5K Lithium Ion Battery with a standard 51.2V/100AH specification, offering up to 80% usable capacity and a 10-year warranty. It’s a top-selling option globally. Combined with the 6k Hybrid Inverter, it provides efficient power management by seamlessly integrating solar energy and battery storage. The 440W solar panels are high-performance modules, that generate excellent energy with a power output of 440 watts. The 220V split phase system is commonly used in residential and small commercial settings, while the 48V DC system is utilized in various applications like telecom, data centers, renewables, and electric vehicles.

Productive Advantages

  • Cost Savings: Solar energy can significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills. By generating your own electricity, you rely less on the grid, leading to long-term cost savings.
  • Environmental Impact: Solar energy is clean and produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution. By using solar power, you contribute to reducing carbon footprints and mitigating climate change.
  • Durability and Longevity: Solar panels are designed to be durable and can last for several decades with minimal maintenance. They can withstand various weather conditions and continue to generate electricity reliably.
  • Low Maintenance: Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris and occasional inspections are typically sufficient to ensure their optimal performance.


Get the Best 5k lithium ion batteries | Buy in Jamaica

Unlock Unlimited Power: Introducing Our Cutting-Edge 5k Lithium Ion Battery

Elevate your energy game with our 5k lithium-ion battery. Compact, durable, and powerful, it’s your ticket to an uninterrupted power supply for residential or commercial needs. Say goodbye to energy worries

Package Includes:

Quantity            Items

1                      5k Lithium Ion Battery

1                      48 VDC

1                      Split Phase

1                      6K Hybrid Inverter

12                    440W Solar Panels

  •  1 bundle of the Electrical Materials and Solar Accessories
  • Installation, Transportation, and Site Vist



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